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November 2010



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Nov. 7th, 2010


lynch. @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction

lynch.'s live @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction



Opening band - Deathgaze


Impressions: I knew nothing about the band (and still don't really) but I quite enjoyed their live. It was loud, as expected, musically they had a very good sound and the singer's voice was nice and powerful. It actually slightly reminded of Hazuki's here and there. They only played for 30 minutes but their set was filled with good songs and the audience, though obviously not really here for them, really seemed to enjoy the gig. I thought it was a good choice of an opening band. However, I was n't so impressed that it made me wanna listen to their stuff, I appreciated the live, but they didn't make a fan out of me.






Main act - lynch.


It was the first time for me to see a lynch.'s oneman, I'd seen them a couple of times before, but always at events or festivals so I was really excited about this live. The venue, Namiki Junction is super small and it wasn't even full (not one of the venues that were sold out, which kind of surprised given how small the hall was, but I suppose the guys just don't that many fans in Hiroshima...). But the 250 or so people who attended the live had as much energy as 500, and I really enjoyed that side of the show. The audience, was so into it, really participating, singing along, yelling along, headbanging and everything. Also, the band does have a fair number of male fans and it's pretty funny to hear them call Hazuki's name with their men's voices! lol... But it also gives the band a lot of credibility, in my opinion, they're not just a VK band with a good looking singer that only attracks chicks.


Now the band, I must admit, kinda shocked me (in a very good way) when they walked on stage with little to no make-up on (probably none) and wearing only blacks pants or jeans and T-shirts or shirts. I've become pretty fed up with the visual look and all that crap. lynch. never denied belonging to the VK scene, they've always accepted being categorized as such because they wore make-up and came from that scene, but personally I've never really associated them with that genre (mostly because Visual Kei has lost a lot of its meaning and it's not a musical genre anymore). To me, they've always been an awesome rock band that sometimes puts on a lot of make up, but that's it and to be honest I'd been secretly praying for the day when they'd stopped, so needless to say I was particularly thrilled last Sunday. I really, really hope they're gonna continue like this.


The concert in itself was just as raw as the band looked. I guess because it's their last tour as an indie band they really wanted to play a diversified set list with songs from the very beginning up to now, but they played mainly heavy songs which made for a super lively gig. I felt that the set list made a lot of sense, even though they didn't play some of the songs I would have liked to hear (like Cultic my execution) their choice was sort of... harmonious in its heaviness. They did play a few slower songs but apparently not the ones they usually play, they played anemone for example and Hazuki said they hadn't played it in a while. I also loved that they played Adore at the end, because every one in the room was singing along and the interaction between the band and the audience was just great, 'til the very end.


On a funnier not, it seems that Asanao had some troubles during the live. They stopped Marrow right in the middle because of god knows what. Hazuki explained (while slightly making fun of him) but I didn't understand what the problem was. It happened again later on, but then got fixed for good and they were able to continue without further interuption. The concert was rather short though. They only played for like, barely 1.30 hours. Maybe it's their usual set, it wasn't a tour final either, but it just felt so short. But then again, after finding out about Hazuki's condition, it kinda makes sense that they didn't play longer than that. It's the last live Hazuki took part in, and I figure it was the final straw, there were a few times when you could really hear he was forcing too much on his voice. I'm really happy I got to see that concert but now all I hope is that Hazuki will recover soon and come back!


Well that's about it, there's not much else I can say except that it was great, which is, I guess, super subjective, but I wouldn't have gone to their live if I didn't very subjectively love them! Now I just really want to see them again (hopefully at their anniversary live in Nagoya) and I wish them all the best because they really deserve it!


Set list:


1 – All this I'll give you

2 – Judgement

3 – Evilly

4 – Marrow

5 – the universe

6 – Lizard

7 – Forgiven

8 – Ambivalent Ideal

9 – I'm sick b'cuz luv u

10 – 59

11 – The Blasted Black Bone

12 – ? Alien tune? (this one I'm not sure about...)

13 – Dazzle

14 – Unknown lost a beauty

15 – A Gleam in eye




16 – Anemone

17 – STARZ

18 – DOZE

19 - Adore

Oct. 25th, 2010

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